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  • All About Seasonal Makeup Tips

    Featured, Makeup Tips

    All About Seasonal Makeup Tips

    There is a concept in makeup now of listing it in terms of warm and cool. This can cover foundations, powders and even blushes. It comes from a system introduced a few decades back that can be loosely described as color coding. It was, in basic terms, a system where a person (mainly women but men too) could figure out how to choose their clothes and even makeup according to an individual’s skin complexion. Each skin complexion would match up with a particular season of the year. If a person had very fair skin tone, that person would be considered…

  • Summertime: Sun, Sea, Sand and Skin

    Skin Care

    Summertime: Sun, Sea, Sand and Skin

    It's summer and the sun is shining high in the sky like a daily reminder that the time of holidays, beach parties and swimming is now among us. This is the perfect moment to put your worries aside and join your friends for a week-end at the beach, a party blasting its way late into the night or a day of lazing in the sun. All around, people are looking for ways of avoiding the daily chores and routine so they can grab some fun and relaxation time. However, going to the beach is an activity that tends to raise…

  • Top Ten Tips On How to Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly

    Eye Makeup

    Top Ten Tips On How to Apply Eye Makeup Perfectly

    Your makeup is as important to your finished look as the clothing you wear, in fact, it can actually be more important. We've all spotted women who didn't have a clue how to apply their eye shadow. But we've also saw women who know how to apply it properly and they look put together and beautiful. Don't you want to be one of those women? Of course - and we are going to give you some top tips so you can do just that. Great news - putting your eye shadow on correctly really isn't difficult at all. It really…


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