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  • Getting the Celebrity Airbrush Makeup Look

    Celebrity Beauty, Foundation & Blush

    Getting the Celebrity Airbrush Makeup Look

    Catherine Zeta Jones wears it. So does Jennifer Lopez. Why? Airbrush makeup creates a flawless face, almost as if you took your picture and ran it through Photoshop. Here’s how it works. A tiny amount of specialized foundation makeup is mixed with a few drops of water, and then sprayed onto the face with a wand. The result is a sheer, yet full coverage. You end up wearing less foundation, but with a flawless finish. It even hides under eye circles and rosacea. Tools for At-Home Airbrush Application airbrush compressor airbrush wand (sometimes called a pen) hose (connects the wand…

  • Perfume: Picking Substance Over Style

    Celebrity Beauty, Fragrance

    Perfume: Picking Substance Over Style

    Are celebrity endorsed perfume brands better than natural and synthetic perfumes? Walking into the local department store will have you literally bombarded with those wishing to test a fragrance on your wrist. Many of them have no real suggestion what is in them but they are sure to tell you just who is underwriting them. As a consumer, you should know a little more about the cosmetics you are applying to your body before you put them on. And, you should discover the quality of the product far more so than the name on the label. Celebrity Perfume: Worth It?…

  • How Botox Equates to Stepford Wives

    Beauty, Celebrity Beauty

    How Botox Equates to Stepford Wives

    Botox, once the "darling" of the celebrity crowd has moved front and center into the business world where daring men and women go to great lengths to disguise frown lines, age lines and anything resembling Mother Nature's wicked march across their faces. Why? They know their jobs require them to look fresh and healthy; old, deeply lined, tired, faces are becoming passe because ideas coming from someone wearing an out of shape, soft, sagging face can equate to old, stale ideas in the business arena. Botox, once used primarily by women is now used by more and more men as…


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