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  • All About Seasonal Makeup Tips

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    All About Seasonal Makeup Tips

    There is a concept in makeup now of listing it in terms of warm and cool. This can cover foundations, powders and even blushes. It comes from a system introduced a few decades back that can be loosely described as color coding. It was, in basic terms, a system where a person (mainly women but men too) could figure out how to choose their clothes and even makeup according to an individual’s skin complexion. Each skin complexion would match up with a particular season of the year. If a person had very fair skin tone, that person would be considered…

  • 9 Biggest Summer Skin Care Mistakes

    Featured, Skin Care

    9 Biggest Summer Skin Care Mistakes

    Skipping sunscreen on a gray winter day or flopping into bed with your makeup on is unlikely to do any real harm, but too many lapses in your beauty judgment could lead to signs of age. The flip side? Taking a few minutes a day for smart skin care can prevent years’ worth of wrinkles, brown spots, and more. 1. Washing with harsh cleansers Many people who are prone to pimples or have oily skin gravitate toward exfoliators and cleansers that dry things out. In theory, this seems like a good idea, but they actually strip the skin of all…

  • Our Top 5 Fragrances of All Time

    Featured, Fragrance

    Our Top 5 Fragrances of All Time

    People love perfume. It is no doubt that the perfume industry worldwide makes around ten billion dollars every year. Perfume has been there for a very long time. Because people love to always smell good, perfume manufacturers always try to come up with a fragrance that would smell appealing to people. Through the years, several brands of perfumes have been introduced to the market. All seem to smell good. However, there are only some that remain in the market and have been all-time favorites by many people and are even worn and endorsed by some of the famous and well-known…


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